Morite Ltd

Morite Ltd was founded in 1984 at Teijo in Finland. Company's main productline is window fittings. Other products categories include building fittings, cable fasteners, buttons and buckles and door closers. Quality is our top priority and all our operations are controlled by a quality control system, which includes our quality, safety and environmental principles.

Morite Ltd's leading values are domestic origin, safety and reliability. When designing our products we will consider both the end user’s and the assembler’s needs so that the final products are easy to assemble and that they are suitable for the end-user. Reliable and fast delivery is the absolute value for the company to which we aim at every situation. Morite Ltd employs Finnish craftsmen and the necessary parts are purchased from domestic factories and other manufacturers.

Recycling of our products

The main raw material of Morite Ltd's products is steel. The majority of our products contain electro-galvanized cold-rolled steel. Some products also contain a certain amount of hot galvanized steel, painted and stainless steel. They can all be recycled through the regular metal recycling. Also products that contain brass and aluminium materials can be recycled through the metal recycling.

Our door closer’s cylinders contain a small amount of silicone oil which should be treated as a hazardous waste.

Plastic parts belongs to the energy waste.

About 95% of the raw material that Morite Ltd uses in their products can be recycled and re-used.